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Were You Aware of These Intriguing Truths About The Titanic?

Image Source: Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock

Back in a period prior to environmental worries, the Titanic would discard more than 100 tonnes of ash into the sea each day.

This action, stemming from the vessel’s usage of coal as fuel, could have had substantial environmental repercussions on marine life and the composition of seawater.

Rare Discoveries from the Titanic

Over the years, more than 6,000 precious stones have been salvaged from the wreckage.

Noteworthy findings comprise of a cautionary bell, a set of mittens, and a violin belonging to Wallace Hartley, the conductor who performed as the ship sank.


Reporter Senan Molony has proposed that a coal blaze weeks preceding the Titanic’s ultimate journey might have played a role in its descent.

The data indicates that the metal of the ship’s hull was weakened by a fire that endured for three weeks, making the hull more susceptible to piercing by the iceberg.

Erroneous Illumination

The movie “Titanic” depicts a scenario of crew members utilizing torches in the icy waters, though flashlights had not yet been invented at the time of the calamity. The sequence has drawn criticism for inaccuracies in historical representation, despite the director later clarifying it as a deliberate choice for enhanced visibility in the film.

Primarily Male Crew

Out of the exceeding 900 crew personnel, merely 23 were females, primarily serving in roles linked to medical care and food and beverage provision.

Most of the female crew members survived, whereas regrettably, 693 male crew members perished in the disaster.

Examination of the Calamity

The United States investigated the disaster to evaluate whether the catastrophe could have been averted.

The examination documented the testimonies of over 80 passengers regarding the sinking, uncovering a significant delay in alerting passengers to the jeopardy and the dearth of a lifeboat drill prior to the mishap.

The Final Banquet

The elite passengers relished an opulent eleven-course feast on the evening of the sinking, featuring filet mignon, roasted squab, foie gras, oysters, and champagne.

Unveiling of the Titanic

The Titanic was first unveiled on May 31, 1911, in Belfast, captivating a multitude of over 100,000 onlookers, roughly one-third of the city’s population at that era.

Committed Filmmaker

The filmmaker of the 1997 production centered on the tragedy, James Cameron, conducted thorough investigations on the vessel, undertaking 12 deep-sea diving voyages to the Titanic wreckage over a year to ensure precision in the movie.

His dedication to comprehending the ship and the catastrophe motivated him to bring the film to life.

The Enigmatic Six

Post the disaster, six Chinese crew members who were rescued by the Carpathia were barred from entry into the United States due to immigration statutes at that time. Their subsequent destiny remains shrouded in mystery.

Canine Companions

The elite passengers had the liberty to bring their canines aboard, and 12 dogs joined their owners on the voyage. Unfortunately, only a Pekinese

and two Pomeranians managed to survive. Their diminutive size allowed them to discreetly board a lifeboat without being detected!”

Well-Off Passengers

Embarking on the sumptuous vessel as a first-class traveler demanded a substantial expense. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that the ill-fated wanderers possessed a substantial amount of wealth among them.

Image Source: Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock

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