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Avoid These 5 Outdated Haircuts Through the Ages

Image Source: Aliaksei Kaponia / Shutterstock

Utilizing hair extensions entails following specific guidelines. It’s essential not to be stingy, stay away from artificial alternatives, and stay abreast of current fashions. The tradition of hair extensions has a long history, but perhaps it’s time for some individuals to give it a break.

Selecting an inappropriate hue or length can lead to annoyance, resulting in frequent occurrences of ‘unmanageable hair days’.

The Mullet

Who would have deemed the creation of the mullet a commendable notion? Interesting to note, its origins trace back to the 19th century when fishermen grew out the back of their hair for warmth. Despite its pragmatic beginnings, the mullet gained popularity in the 1980s, leaving many resembling walking mops.

Even certain renowned figures displayed this hairstyle, conceivably a look they’d prefer to erase from memory.

The Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Hair

Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hairstyle from the ’70s and ’80s stood as an emblematic style. During the glitzy disco era, both men and women embraced this trend. Nevertheless, emulating this look today might make you stand out in a less favorable light.

This historic hairdo might be better consigned to the annals. You wouldn’t wish to seek refuge each time it rains or be dependent on an array of hair products for maintenance.


The beehive hairstyle emerged in the 1960s, defying logic with its remarkable height, seemingly crafted entirely from hair.

This iconic hairstyle has outlived numerous other ’60s fads and has preserved its distinctive allure. It’s understandable why it’s linked with Amy Winehouse’s eccentric fashion sense.

The Undercut

The rationale behind the undercut hairstyle remains somewhat mysterious. Initially surfacing in the early 20th century, it experienced a revival in the 1940s and curiously resurfaced in the 2010s.

While it might appear fashionable at first, maintaining the look poses a challenge as the shorter strands grow out, leading you to decide between trimming them or letting them grow.

The Pageboy

This original 20th-century hairstyle is dubbed after the medieval pageboy. It necessitates sleek, silky hair and usually features a straight fringe, crafting a boyish appearance. At present, only a few individuals, irrespective of gender, would opt for this look.

Presently, only youngsters could potentially admire this style, whereas in former times, even fathers and grandfathers were seen sporting this hairstyle.

Image Source: Aliaksei Kaponia / Shutterstock

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