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Unusual Disney Enthusiast Theories That Will Amaze You

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One of Disney’s initial transitions from a book to the screen was Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The film is brimming with allusions to consuming substances that result in unconventional experiences. Some enthusiasts speculate that Alice may have been under the influence of drugs.

Within the movie, Alice consumes what appears to be a mushroom, imbibes a questionable liquid, and encounters a smoking caterpillar, which has sparked this notion.

Captain Hook’s Role in Mermaid Mystery

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s mother is conspicuously absent, prompting fans to theorize that Captain Hook from Peter Pan might have been involved in her disappearance. Enthusiasts propose that this could be attributed to the antagonism between Captain Hook and Queen Coralie, the mermaids’ ruler. The notion is that the pirates in Peter Pan could have been on a mission as mermaid hunters, ultimately giving rise to this assumption.

The Covert Genie

A theory emerged in Aladdin claiming that the seemingly insignificant character known as “The Peddler” is, in fact, the Genie in disguise. Fans deduced this due to his extensive knowledge of the magic lamp, and this was subsequently corroborated by the movie’s directors as their original concept.

Journey Beyond – The Heaven That Beckons

Movie buffs have postulated that in “Up,” the protagonist, Carl, transitions to the afterlife shortly after his wife, with the entire narrative unfolding as his celestial odyssey. The theory contends that Carl’s obstinance in selling his residence ultimately led to his demise stemming from the stress of impending eviction.

Brave Encounter – Boo’s Interdimensional Quest

Devotees believe that Boo, from Monsters Inc., exploits interdimensional travel to trace Sulley and Mike by journeying back to the past within the realm of Brave. They argue that Boo acquired mystical insights during her expedition, showcasing a wooden effigy of Sulley in her cottage as compelling evidence.

Searching for Nemo in Nobody

Observers of “Finding Nemo” have drawn comparisons between the title and the narrative, proposing that Nemo could be a manifestation of Marlin’s psyche to cope with the sorrow of losing his companion. This supposition depicts the film as a depiction of navigating through grief’s stages towards acceptance.

Heroine Empowerment – Gaston’s Unique Role

Enthusiasts speculate that Gaston’s characterization in Beauty and the Beast was crafted to subvert the trope of the helpless damsel, with Belle, the princess, emerging as the savior rather than the prince, catalyzing a new era of Disney heroines.

The Jungle Kinship – Anna and Elsa’s Untold Connection

The director of Frozen validated the longstanding theory linking Tarzan as a sibling to Anna and Elsa. He depicted a scenario where the parents of Anna and Elsa were stranded on a remote island, leading to Tarzan’s birth by their mother on the island.

Elsa’s Stellar Sorcery

Enthusiasts of Frozen have pondered the origin of Elsa’s enchanting abilities. The creators eventually disclosed that her powers emanated from an alignment between Earth and the planet Saturn.

10 Disney Fan Theories That Will Revolutionize Your Perspective on these Films

Troll’s Lost Lesson for Elsa

In the movie, a stone troll was intended to unveil the genesis of Elsa’s powers; however, the scene was omitted from the final version.

Echoes of the Deceased in Cars

The anthropomorphic vehicles in Cars embodied different accents inherited from their previous owners, adding a mysterious dimension to the story.

Ariel’s Connection to the Frozen Shipwreck

Enthusiasts have linked Ariel from The Little Mermaid to the shipwreck in Frozen, unveiling a concealed tie between the two Disney universes.

The Enigmatic Peddler in Aladdin

Speculations suggest that the peddler in Aladdin might have fabricated the entire narrative, infusing an enigmatic depth into the film.

The Subconscious Symphony of The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fans have theorized that the characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas symbolize different facets of the human psyche, delving into the psychological intricacies of the movie.

Whispers of Horror in The Emperor’s New Groove

An intriguing theory posits that in The Emperor’s New Groove, the talking animals were formerly humans, casting a shadow of darkness over the storyline.

Woody’s Mystifying Link to Andy’s Origin

Devotees of Toy Story speculate that Woody had a previous association with Andy’s father, hinting at an enigmatic past for the cherished character.

The Ancestral Connection of Belle and Jane

Fans have established a connection between Mrs. Potts from Tarzan and Jane’s great grandmother Belle, proposing a concealed familial bond between the two figures.

Quasimodo’s Illusory Companions

Disney enthusiasts have debated whether Quasimodo’s gargoyle allies were tangible entities or mere figments of his forlorn and deluded mind.

The Enigmatic Persona of Wheezy

A theory portrays Wheezy from Toy Story as a duplicitous character, infusing a fresh layer of complexity into the beloved tale.

Ariel and Hercules: Unveiling Mythical Bonds

It is not widely acknowledged, but Ariel and Hercules are, in fact, distant relatives. A scrutiny of the family lineage reveals this truth. In Greek mythology, Ariel’s father, Triton, equates to Poseidon. Given the mutual Roman and Greek deities with minor variations in nomenclature, it emerges clearly that Ariel and Hercules share a familial connection. Poseidon, Ariel’s father, stands as Zeus’s sibling, who reigns as the god-king, establishing Hercules as Zeus’s son. Hence, Ariel and Hercules are indeed cousins!

Monstrous Intrigues – The Trans-dimensional Interplay

The interplay of dimensions in Monsters Inc. intertwines once more with the 2015 film, Inside Out. A theory proposes that Bing Bong, a character from Inside Out, could potentially hail from Monstropolis. His disappearance at the film’s conclusion is theorized to imply his return to Monstropolis after initially visiting to collect Riley’s laughter. Nevertheless, this speculation lacks official validation.

Sulley’s Disguised Demeanour

A fan speculation hints at a potential connection between a piece of bathroom decor and a dialogue exchange between Sulley and Randall in Monsters Inc. Randall’s expression of disdain towards humans and the disclosure about humans creating toilet seats from monster fur are juxtaposed. Subsequently, a scene in Toy Story Toons- Partysaurus Rex reveals a toilet seat cover in Bonnie’s bathroom resembling Sulley’s fur, indicating a plausible correlation. However, this idea remains conjectural pending confirmation.

Aladin, Jasmine, and the Mythical Convergence with Hercules

An intriguing notion posits the close proximity of characters from diverse Disney movies such as Aladdin, Jasmine, and Hercules. Observers have highlighted a purple shooting star in the movie Hercules, drawing parallels to Aladdin’s enchanted carpet. Nonetheless, this premise remains speculative without official endorsement.

The Grim Twist of Snow White’s Slumber

Certain fans have devised a darker interpretation of Snow White’s conclusion. They propose that the prince who revives Snow White with a kiss symbolizes death, as she had been comatose for a year post-poisoning. This theory offers a somber outlook on the traditional fairy tale.

Jasmine’s Veiled Machinations

A theory crafted by enthusiasts suggests that Jasmine orchestrated Jafar’s involvement in acquiring the lamp in Aladdin to secure her freedom. They posit that Aladdin’s intervention altered the trajectory of events, leading to the freedom Jasmine sought. Nonetheless, this speculation awaits official validation.

The Macabre Contemplations of Scar

A dark theory insinuates that Scar, from The Lion King, may have harbored cannibalistic inclinations subsequent to Mufasa’s demise. This speculation stems from Scar handling a lion’s skull while Zazu sings “Lovely Bunch of Coconuts”. It presents a grisly interpretation of the character’s actions, albeit unconfirmed.

The Mysterious Past of Cobra Bubbles

Another fan theory revolves around Cobra Bubbles from Lilo and Stitch, implying that Lilo’s parents were operatives for the CIA and had entrusted Cobra Bubbles with safeguarding their children in the event of their demise. This theory seeks to unravel the enigmatic background of the character but awaits official substantiation.

Image Source: chrisdorney / Shutterstock

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