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Top 12 Online Coding Schools

Image Credit: Vlada Karpovich @Pexels

The 21st century has universally acknowledged the concept of “learn programming.” It has been advocated as a remedy for unemployment or for individuals contemplating a fresh profession. Coding is now regarded as a valuable competence for business owners, self-employed individuals, advertisers, and even journalists. Acquiring coding skills can provide you with a competitive advantage in your profession. However, it is crucial to select the appropriate platform for learning and consider the pricing and learning methodology. To aid you in this pursuit, we have assembled a selection of the 12 best platforms that offer top-notch coding classes either at no charge or for a reasonable fee.


Codecademy stands out as a well-liked location for acquiring programming knowledge at no cost, with over 45 million users. It provides a vast array of courses that enable you to commence at any level. You have the opportunity to master Python, Ruby, Bash/Shell, C++, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML & CSS.


The inception of Coursera took place in 2012, becoming a colossal educational technology corporation that offers over 1,000 courses endorsed by 119 prestigious institutes. You can enroll in paid courses with certifications or introductory free programming classes. Coursera also delivers programming courses within diverse specializations.


Established by MIT and Harvard University in 2012, edX is a non-profit online educational platform that presents courses from 53 institutions. All programs are without charge unless certification is required. This platform is recognized for providing courses from prestigious institutions, such as Harvard University’s primary course in computer science.


Udemy, founded in 2010, serves as an online educational hub offering various skills. While most courses entail a fee, there are budget-friendly choices and high-quality free programming courses, such as “Programming for Entrepreneurs,” which teaches Django, HTML, and CSS.


AGupieWare emerges as an autonomous start-up providing complimentary courses of the same caliber as those from top educational entities like MIT and Stanford. The program delivers 15 thorough courses, encompassing introductory classes and core crucial modules.


An online hosting service, GitHub is mainly mobilized for source code management and offers attributes like task management and bug tracking. GitHub’s free code camp and learning lab cover the fundamentals of programming languages. It serves as a reliable selection for novices since all study resources are complimentary.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare extends free programs for individuals with moderate to advanced expertise. It covers the principles of coding, programming in Python, and language-specific sessions on MatLab, Java, C, and C++. All courses are available at zero cost.


Hack.pledge() operates as a society where coders can exchange knowledge and learn from one another. It represents a commendable platform for those seeking genuine human engagement. Developers of varying proficiency levels, ranging from novices to seasoned experts, are encouraged to participate.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers provides interactive and entertaining tutorials targeted at children aged 5 to 14. The curriculum revolves around game creation and incorporates HTML, Python, and C++. Code Avengers also organizes coding camps designed for students up to 17 years of age in numerous global locations.

Khan Academy

Established in 2006, Khan Academy is an online educational institution that offers complimentary courses with user-friendly video lessons. It imparts valuable insights for burgeoning coders, educating them on creating games and animations using JavaScript and ProcessingJS, as well as webpage development with HTML and CSS.

Free Code Camp

A non-profit entity, Free Code Camp provides free certifications. It furnishes educational resources and a community of programmers. You can acquire expertise in multiple programming languages and collaborate on real-life projects to augment your coding capabilities.

Web Fundamentals

Initiated by Google in 2010, Web Fundamentals dispenses the latest updates on HTML5 and valuable tools. Being open-source, developers can work with HTML5 code. This resource is aimed at individuals with existing coding proficiency and is recommended for those at an intermediate stage.

Image Credit: Vlada Karpovich @Pexels

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