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Top 10 Most Dangerous Bridges Around the Globe

Image Source: Roquib Kabir / Shutterstock

The title of the article is about some of the most perilous bridges globally. The longest and most alarming bridge exists here. Hovering merely 16 feet above the turbulent waters of the Pontchartrain Causeway below. A pair of parallel bridges, spanning Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana. The mere thought of being stuck midway on this bridge, devoid of any assistance, is truly petrifying. A 24-mile long bridge, officially acclaimed as the most extended bridge over water globally. Ensure that your fuel tank is full because once you embark on this causeway, there’s no going back!

An Overview of Terrifying Bridges

Bridges are a mix of fascination and terror. Some retain their strength and stability, while others are just hanging on with sheer faith and hope. For the bold at heart, they represent a thrilling avenue to face their fears head-on and take risks. For the spectators who prefer to watch from a distance, it offers a mesmerizing spectacle of defying death. Each bridge, in its unique way, promises an unforgettable experience. Have you braved any of these hair-raising bridges?

Causeway, Louisiana

Ranked amongst the lengthiest and most spine-chilling bridges globally, perched only 16 feet over the choppy waters of the Pontchartrain Causeway beneath. The lengthier of the two bridges extending a whopping 23.83 miles and holding the distinction of being the longest bridge over water since 1969. Its establishment substantially benefitted the economy of nearby small North Shore communities by trimming travel time to New Orleans by a considerable 50 minutes, refreshing access to the metropolitan city.

Canopy Walk, Ghana – Top Hazardous Bridges Worldwide

Suspended at a staggering height of 40 feet, this bridge provides a distinctive rainforest encounter. Nestled within the tropical jungle of Kakum National Park, the bridge was built by a handful of Canadians aiming to enhance park tourism. Comprising seven distinct bridges, dangling 130 feet in the air, offering an up-close rendezvous with the natural world, encompassing trees, monkeys, and birds. Despite appearances, the bridges are sturdy, fashioned from rope, aluminum, wooden planks, and outfitted with safety measures.

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia – Top Hazardous Bridges Worldwide

Dangling at an elevated height of 400 feet above ground level, this bridge has undergone multiple closures for upkeep. Although its reopening encountered delays, it stands open for utilization. Nevertheless, gossips circulated in Langkawi about potential collapses of the bridge, leading to its shutdown for two years. Despite this, the bridge operates currently.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland – Top Hazardous Bridges Worldwide

The Titlis Cliff Walk, positioned at an elevation of 3,000 meters with a backdrop of the stunning Swiss Alps, stands as the highest suspension bridge across Europe. Inaugurated in December 2012, it presents awe-inspiring vistas across the Alps. Regarded as extremely secure, with numerous skiers and visitors crossing it annually.

Vitim River Bridge, Russia – Top Hazardous Bridges Worldwide

The Vitim River Bridge, an antiquated train bridge spanning the Vitim river. Devoid of guardrails, numerous wooden planks deteriorating or absent, rendering it slippery due to icy conditions, posing a perilous ordeal for drivers. Despite these dangers, numerous thrill-seekers flock to Siberia annually to attempt the daunting crossing.

Puente de Ojuela, Mexico – Top Hazardous Bridges Worldwide

Originally utilized by the mining town below, the Puente de Ojuela now functions as a footbridge. Completed in 1898, revamped as a tourist allure in 1991, captivating visitors owing to its reputation as one of the most perilous pathways globally.

Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica – Top Hazardous Bridges Worldwide

Dubbed as the “Bridge of Death” or “Oh My God Bridge,” the Quepos Bridge was constructed by the Bananera Company in the years 1930-1940 for ferrying bananas to the Quepos port. Crossing it is deemed a risk participants undertake at their discretion. Trucks surprisingly navigate this bridge daily, despite its seemingly fragile structure. The bridge, exceedingly narrow, permits vehicles to move in only one direction. Its planks, not extending the full length, produce loud clanks under vehicular weight. It appears high time for some rejuvenating efforts.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge, fondly dubbed the Sunshine Skyway Bridge by the residents, spans Tampa Bay, extending a total length of 21,877 feet!
The original bridge met its demise in 1980 following a dramatic incident involving a massive vessel colliding with a pier, resulting in the tragic demise of 35 individuals. This modern bridge was erected in 1987. Regrettably, over 200 individuals have chosen this bridge as the setting for ending their lives.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Are rollercoasters your thing? Then you might find this Japanese bridge intriguing. Although not as vertiginous as it seems, boasting a 6.1 percent incline and a height of 144 feet, I’d still feel uneasy driving up or down that structure.
Constructed from 1997 to 2004, it stands as the largest rigid-frame bridge in Japan and the third-largest globally.

The Bridge of Immortals, Huang Shang China

If heights cause you distress, this bridge warrants staying off your path. Positioned in Huangshan, also referred to as Yellow Mountain, in eastern China, the bridge nestles amidst two colossal granite peaks enticing daredevils to brave its passage.

It affords breathtaking views of the peaks. Imagining the journey to the bridge feels even more daunting. Yellow Mountain represents a haven for adventure enthusiasts seeking a once-in-a-lifetime escapade.

Source of Image: Roquib Kabir / Shutterstock

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