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Tips To Pick Your Stay In A Hotel At Your Own Price

Image Source: Boyloso / Shutterstock

Coming across something truly unique and worth exploring doesn’t happen every day. Just like finding the perfect outfit for a night out after hours of searching at the mall, the feeling of discovery is something we can’t ignore. When looking for potential places to stay while planning a vacation, we are fortunate to have a multitude of options – luxury hotels, AirBnb, hostels, even a relative’s house – but a new concept in accommodation has emerged recently that appears too good to be true.

SCP Hotel (Soul Community Planet) has been welcoming guests under the condition that they pay whatever amount they consider appropriate. Sounds unconventional? It may be for some, but to SCP Hotel, they are banking on transparency and accountability.

SCP aims to be recognized for its “holistic hospitality.” Its inaugural hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, features a 12,000-square-foot fitness center, group workout sessions, and a market vending locally sourced vegan food and beverages. The establishment comprises 174 rooms, adorned with rustic reclaimed wood, a communal area with WiFi, and abundant flora and fauna.

SCP supports “fair trade pricing”; if the rate you initially agreed upon doesn’t align with the experience you anticipated, you can negotiate for a reduced fee. Prices range from $90 to $200, taking seasonal variations into account.

“We are dedicated to providing outstanding guest experiences at a reasonable price. We are confident that if our guests have a pleasant stay at our hotels and pay a fair price, they will leave content and hopefully recommend our concept to their acquaintances,” stated Ken Cruse, the CEO of SCP Hotels, to Well+Good.

SCP’s equitable pricing model is set to expand soon, with intentions to launch 30-40 hotels across the United States in the coming years.“We aim to be pioneers by embodying goodness, not just profitability,” Cruse mentioned to The New York Times. “We view profits as a consequence of the new experience.”

We often pay a premium for staying at a hotel, and the “choose-your-own-price” approach is still a newcomer in the hospitality sector, yet SCP’s ventures appear to be yielding results gradually.

Image Source: Boyloso / Shutterstock

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