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These Are The Biggest 7 Swimming Pool Worldwide

Image Source: hxdbzxy / Shutterstock

Throughout history, starting 5,000 years ago, early individuals utilized communal baths for swimming activities, showcasing the enduring nature of this practice. Below are the seven most expansive swimming pools globally.

Finest Swimming Pools Around the Globe

  1. Citystars Sharm El Sheikh in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
    Contained within the Citystars resort hotel complex, this pool spans a vast 96,427 square meters (23.83 acres), establishing itself as the largest man-made lagoon globally. Inaugurated in 2015, it offers a plethora of beach services.
  2. San Alfonso Del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile
    Prior to the construction of the Citystars pool, this pool held the title for the world’s largest as per the Guinness World Records. Encompassing an area of 80,000 square meters (19 acres), this pool accommodates over 250 million liters of water and is recognized as one of the lengthiest pools worldwide.
  3. MahaSamutr in Hua Hin, Thailand
    A component of the luxury villa complex in Asia, MahaSamutr lays claim to the largest swimming pool on the continent, covering an impressive 72,034.04 square meters (17.8 acres). This pool forms part of the expansive Crystal Lagoon project.
  4. Dreamworld Fun Lagoon in Karachi, Pakistan
    Positioned at the Dreamworld Resort, Golf Course, and Hotel, this freshwater pool stands as the largest of its kind globally, extending across 8,903.08 square meters (2.2 acres) and holding a capacity of 8.14 million liters of water.
  5. Piscine Alfred Nakache in Toulouse, France
    As Europe’s biggest pool, it sprawls over an expanse of 7,500 square meters (1.85 acres), offering a substantial depth of 6.56 feet (2 meters) and a width of 41 feet (12.5 meters).
  6. Hayman Island Resort in Hayman Island, Australia
    Despite its relatively modest size, Hayman Island accommodates a colossal pool covering 7,284.34 square meters (1.8 acres).
  7. Hansen Dam Recreation Center in Los Angeles, CA, USA
    This U.S. gem holds the crown for the largest pool in the country, covering an impressive 6,100 square meters (1.5 acres), strategically located near the Hansen Dam flood control basin.

Swimming within these expansive pools offers an unparalleled experience, distinct from the typical backyard setting. With this comprehensive list at your disposal, now is the time to map out your adventures and craft everlasting memories.

Image Source: hxdbzxy / Shutterstock

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