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The Uncomfortable Reunion and Insensitive Nicknaming of Ariana Madix at BravoCon

Ariana Madix found herself in a rather uneasy situation during BravoCon, where she was unexpectedly labeled with a less than flattering nickname. A fan decided to call her “VCaMLg” during the event.

This incident triggered a variety of responses from the crowd, leading Ariana to feel unsettled. It presented an uncomfortable and unpleasing episode for her.

The repercussions of this cringeworthy encounter quickly spread among attendees. A tweet from E! News brought attention to the incident, alluding to the discomfort experienced by Ariana.

Despite the adversity of the scenario, Ariana managed it with grace. She maintained her poise and dignity throughout. All in all, it proved to be a challenging moment for her to navigate.

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