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Phnom Penh Is The Ultimate Destination In Southeast Asia

Image Source: Nhut Minh Ho / Shutterstock

A swiftly flourishing city, Phnom Penh boasts gleaming skyscrapers, top-tier dining options, and one of the world’s quickest developing major airports. As the city transitions from its past, innovation and creativity are rampant, from unconventional performers to local brewers and aspiring artists.

Best Dining Spots in Phnom Penh

Despite being sandwiched between culinary giants like Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia might not immediately come to mind as a gastronomic paradise. However, Phnom Penh’s burgeoning culinary scene consistently surprises visitors with its inventive chefs and exceptional offerings.

Must-visit places include Nesat Seafood House, renowned for its exquisite soft-shell crabs and fresh oysters from the southern coast, Malis, the epitome of Khmer fine dining, and Vibe Café, a hot spot showcasing the city’s growing vegan cuisine.

Local Beverages

As Phnom Penh evolves into a more sophisticated nightlife hub, you’ll encounter trendy venues with unique design aesthetics and tempting (albeit pricey) specialty beverages.

Bassac Lane, a quaint alley off St 308 lined with cozy pubs catering to the stylish bohemian crowd, serves as a focal point for the city’s nightlife. A short stroll from here will lead you to Samai, a key ingredient in many local drinks.

At weekly tasting events, explore local infusions like Kampot Pepper Rum. Additionally, don’t miss Sundown Social Club, a unique rooftop bar offering panoramic views of the Russian Market, and Riel Brewing, one of the many new craft breweries in the Russian Market district. Noteworthy mentions also include Himawari and Cerevisiae.

Accommodation Options

Phnom Penh presents a wide array of accommodations at great value, ranging from hostels and guesthouses to luxurious resorts catering to various preferences and budgets. SLA, an intimate hostel near the National Museum, is favored by couples seeking a tranquil retreat amid their backpacking adventures.

For those looking for upscale amenities like a pool and bar in a serene setting, Manor House is an ideal choice without the hustle of a typical party hostel. Standing out in the luxury boutique niche is the MAADS hotel group, with some of Southeast Asia’s most alluring urban hotels dominating the city. Penh House, their latest offering near the Royal Palace, exudes tropical elegance, while Pavilion, a luxurious adults-only retreat, boasts French-inspired architecture, two azure pools, and private plunge pools alongside its elegant suites.

Image Source: Nhut Minh Ho / Shutterstock

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