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Misconceptions Everyone Accepts Are Accurate, But Are Truly Incorrect

Image Source: Giovanni Di Lorenzo / Shutterstock

The Lithuanian National Anthem Is a Palindrome

Bogus reports suggest that the Lithuanian national anthem is a palindrome, which is false. “Tautiška giesmė,” the anthem, does not read the same backward as it does forward.

Every Iron Maiden Member Belonged to the Religious Society of Friends

False rumors circulate that all members of Iron Maiden followed Quaker beliefs, which is inaccurate. The band’s intense energy and anger do not align with the peaceful Quaker lifestyle.

One of Saturn’s Rings Is Comprised of Silver Dust

Contrary to popular belief, Saturn’s rings are not made of silver dust. They are, in fact, composed of fragments from comets, asteroids, or shattered moons that disintegrated before reaching the planet.

Ancient Greeks Utilized Solidified Red Wine as Lubrication

Despite assertions, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Ancient Greeks employed solidified wine as a lubricant.

‘Bat Out of Hell’ Was Inspired by a Dispute Between Meatloaf and Ozzy Osborne

The song “Bat Out of Hell” bears no connection to Ozzy Osborne. Interestingly, it is inspired by James Matthew Barrie’s renowned Peter Pan.

The Tallest Grass Species is the Dragon Bamboo, Not the Banana Tree

The assertion that the banana tree is the tallest type of grass is incorrect. The Dragon Bamboo holds the title for the tallest known grass, reaching heights of 40-45 meters.

The Volume of a Dairy Cow’s Moo Has Not Decreased Over Time

Claims suggesting a decrease in the pitch of a dairy cow’s moo over the years lack any supporting evidence.

‘Tapstops’ Were Never Used to Refer to Touchdowns

The term “tap-stops” was never part of the lexicon in American football. “Touchdown” has continuously been the recognized term.

‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ is Not the Most Stolen Publication; That Title Belongs to the Bible

While “The Fellowship of the Ring” enjoys immense popularity, it is not the most frequently stolen book. The honor goes to the Bible.

The Inaugural Sunglasses Were Crafted from Smoked Quartz, Not Animal Skins

The notion that the earliest sunglasses were made from animal skins is inaccurate. The first pair was invented in 12th century China and crafted from smoked quartz.

All Fossils in Canada Hold No Ownership by The Queen

Suggestions that The Queen possesses all fossils in Canada stem from historical ties to the British colony. This, however, remains a matter of formal acknowledgment.

The Queen. Nevertheless, they do not entirely relinquish all fossil rights.

Cat Stevens’ Given Name is Steven, Not Catherine

With Steven Demetre Georgiou being his birth name, Cat Stevens was not derived from Catherine. Moreover, Cat was merely a nickname, not his birth name. The “Wild World” singer might be as puzzled as the public regarding this widely believed fallacy.

JRR Tolkien Objected to Oral Readings of His Works Posthumously

JRR Tolkien, the esteemed author of the “Lord of The Rings” trilogy and “The Hobbit,” reportedly harbored a significant ego regarding his literary works. This belief gained traction among enthusiasts.

The Nobel Prize was Never Awarded for the Tree Falling in the Woods Conundrum

The age-old question of whether a falling tree makes a sound remains a philosophical query rather than a laureate-worthy discovery.

The Roundest Part of Your Physique is Not the Kneecap

The misconception regarding the kneecap being the roundest body part is unfounded. There are numerous body parts rounder than the kneecap, evident to anyone with functioning vision.

The Large Hadron Collider was Not Developed by the President of Senegal

The Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, was constructed between 1998 and 2008 by the European Organization for Nuclear Research in collaboration with thousands of scientists.

No Culture Ever Employed Sparrow Skulls as Currency

The evolution of civilizations introduced the concept of monetary exchange, but there is no historical evidence to support the use of sparrow skulls as currency.

Your Upper Eyelid Lacks a Unique Design Comparable to a Fingerprint

Regrettably, your upper eyelid does not possess a distinctive pattern akin to a fingerprint. It is essentially a non-unique flap of skin shielding your eye.

Buzz Aldrin did not Leave a Pen on the Moon

During the historic moon landing, astronauts like Buzz Aldrin were focused on exploration rather than jotting down notes with pens. The moon was dedicated to monumental achievements, not jotting notes.

The Eiffel Tower lacks the National Motto inscribed in Braille

Dispelling common belief, the Eiffel Tower does not bear the national motto in braille on its “legs.” While “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” embodies French values, it is not emblazoned on their iconic structure.

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