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Galleries You Must Explore In Stockholm

Image Source: Oleksiy Mark / Shutterstock

One of the prime destinations in Northern Europe is the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Aside from its beauty, it boasts a wealth of culture and heritage to discover. If you’re planning your next trip there, it’s a safe bet that you’d be interested in exploring a couple of galleries.

Stockholm is home to numerous galleries that showcase fragments of the city’s captivating history. While galleries offer a fantastic insight into the city’s past, you might want to spare some time for other activities too. (Such as shopping, sampling local cuisine, and a bit more shopping.) Time is limited on a single vacation, so beginners should focus on these three must-see galleries:

Vasa Gallery

This gallery is the most frequented gallery in Scandinavia. One of its most remarkable displays is a 17th-century warship, the finest preserved of its kind. After over three centuries underwater, it stands as the gallery’s prized possession. Other exhibitions will immerse you in the ship’s active duty and the experiences of living on board.

Skansen gallery

Dubbed as the only outdoor gallery globally, Skansen provides insights into life in historical Stockholm as 18th-century farmers and nobility through ancient farmsteads and residences. Skansen is also home to a charming zoo where you can see seals, lynxes, wolverines, and more.

Royal Residence

In addition to being the official residence of the Swedish Royal Family, the Stockholm Royal Residence also houses no less than five galleries. With over 600 rooms, these galleries offer glimpses into the lives of past monarchs of this nation. Explore for historical carriages and attire and stay to witness the daily guard changing ceremony.

Image Source: Oleksiy Mark / Shutterstock

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