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Essential Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Worth Knowing

Image Source: Jasni / Shutterstock

Utilizing keyboard commands is a handy method to save time while operating a computer. Nevertheless, not everyone is acquainted with them or able to recollect all the diverse shortcuts. This write-up seeks to offer a compilation of crucial shortcuts that everybody should be aware of, despite their age or degree of computer proficiency.

Mastering the Fundamentals

Mastering the basic shortcuts is fundamental for efficient computer usage. For instance, use “CTRL + C” to duplicate selected content. To insert the duplicated content, employ “CTRL + V”. If you wish to relocate text by cutting it rather than just duplicating, utilize “CTRL + X” (remember to utilize “CTRL + V” to insert!). If you struggle to recall shortcuts, attempt to establish a mental association between keys. For instance, on the typical QWERTY keyboard, the “X” key is positioned close to the “C” key. When you see one key, strive to recall the other. Another handy shortcut is “CTRL + Z” to reverse the previous command or action you executed. It can be remarkably useful, wouldn’t it be fantastic if there existed an undo feature in real life?

Efficient Highlighting Techniques

Marking specific words within a paragraph might sometimes prove bothersome and time-intensive, particularly if you resort to employing the mouse. To streamline this process, start by selecting the initial word you intend to duplicate. Then, utilize the “SHIFT + ARROW” function to proceed in the word flow direction. Should you desire to copy words located to the right of the highlighted word, press “SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW”. If you opt to abstain from using the mouse entirely, navigate to the first word using the arrow keys before executing the command. Ensure that the insertion point (the vertical flashing line) is positioned on the left side of the word you wish to highlight.

The Search Functionality

Have you ever found yourself spending an extended period hunting for a particular phrase within a document to no avail? The solution lies in the “CTRL + F” function. This shortcut is relatively easy to memorize as you can treat it like “CTRL + FIND”.

Reversing Mistakes

In the event that you inadvertently shut down a tab in your web browser while intending to open a new one, fret not. There is no necessity to sift through your browsing history to retrieve it. Simply apply the “CTRL + SHIFT + T” function to reopen your most recently closed tab. Keyboard shortcuts are the key to enhancing efficiency during computer operation. Once you familiarize yourself with these fundamental shortcuts, you will notice that your workflow becomes markedly more seamless and effortless.

Image Source: Jasni / Shutterstock

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