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Elon Musk Opted To Vend All His Opulent Estates To Reside In A Petite Home

Image Source: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock

Renowned tech tycoon Elon Musk is widely recognized for his unions, associations with Hollywood personalities, and his progeny with musician Grimes. Despite his extravagant way of living, Musk has opted to dwell in a petite abode valued at $50,000.

He Offloaded All His Real Properties

Elon Musk has recently divested a large portion of his real estate holdings to concentrate on SpaceX and his ambition for Mars. Speculations suggest that he might be downsizing in preparation for his forthcoming journey to Mars.

His Fresh Abode

In June 2021, Musk unveiled on Twitter that his new dwelling is a $50,000 prefabricated house in Boca Chica, Texas, which he leases from SpaceX. This decision by the billionaire entrepreneur is unprecedented.

Scaling Down?

Last year, Musk announced on social media that he had divested nearly all his personal possessions, including his residences, except for a mansion in San Francisco, which is currently listed for sale at $38 million.

Residing in Texas With Grimes

Musk disclosed his intention to relocate to Texas to be with his significant other, musician Grimes. Following the listing of his properties, he now dwells in Texas with Grimes and their offspring, X Æ A-XII.

A Distinctive Pair

Both Musk and Grimes have conveyed an interest in residing on Mars, aligning with Musk’s endeavors through SpaceX. The unconventional lifestyle of the couple could potentially lead to an extraordinary union, possibly surpassing terrestrial boundaries.

A ‘Boxable’ Residence

Elon Musk’s novel 375-square-foot residence in Texas was procured for $50,000 from a housing startup named Boxabl. The company’s units can be assembled within 24 hours, designed for easy transportation and on-site assembly.

The Essential Amenities

Musk currently resides with the fundamental necessities in his new abode, featuring a living space, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Boxabl aims to make housing more economical for everyone through large-scale production.

Falcon 9

News of Musk’s recent residence broke in November 2020, with a promotional video from the housing firm unveiling that a unit was brought to Musk in Texas, signified by a Falcon 9 poster on the entrance, paying tribute to SpaceX’s rocket blueprint.

Enhancing His Fresh Dwelling

Musk mentioned that he revamped his new abode according to his preferences, elevating its worth to $70,000, still notably lower than the price of a Tesla Model S. The pragmatism of his recent habitation starkly contrasts with his former opulent estates.

 Expanding Starbase

Elon Musk and ‘Boxabl’ seem to maintain a close collaboration, with an offering of a Casita unit being constructed on Mars as a potential lodging for astronauts. ‘Boxabl’ has also suggested the utilization of its petite homes for the expansion of Starbase, enabling more compact lodging units than conventional apartments.

Elon’s Impact

Elon Musk is reputed for posting unconventional content on his social media profiles, and unlike others, his declarations often carry significant implications. Whether jesting or proposing unconventional concepts, individuals tend to take notice and might even emulate.

His Peculiarities

During his appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 2021, Elon Musk disclosed that he has Asperger’s syndrome, a variant of neurodiversity. He portrayed himself as the inaugural person with Asperger’s to host the show and elaborated on how his condition manifests in his speech patterns, amusingly suggesting it contributes to excellent comedy.

Defying His Opponents

Elon Musk’s initial interests in science fiction, philosophy, and fantasy literature have influenced his idealistic outlook, drive for advancement, and his corporate trajectory. As one of the planet’s wealthiest individuals, he is committed to pivotal future pursuits, from sustainable energy to the establishment of colonies on Mars, consistently challenging critics and showcasing progress in his enterprises, like Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

His Generous Spending Spree

Recently, Elon Musk has embarked on an assertive streak of philanthropic contributions, making substantial donations swiftly. For instance, he bestowed a generous $100 million donation to the victor of a climate competition, and in the initial quarter of 2021, he allocated nearly $150 million directly to charitable organizations and foundations. This sum significantly surpasses his total contributions before 2021, estimated at around $100 million.

His Contentious Image

In his professional journey, Elon Musk has showcased speed and innovation on par with his philanthropic giving, notably through the inventiveness and creativity at SpaceX and Tesla. Translating this inventive spirit into charitable endeavors could potentially enhance and rectify Musk’s polarizing image, though he still has a considerable distance to cover before being recognized as one of the foremost philanthropists.

Musk’s Novel Venture

In under 14 years since launching SpaceX, Elon Musk has effectively crafted a thriving private space program. Balancing this pursuit with his Tesla empire and other initiatives like the Hyperloop moonshot project, Musk has succeeded in inspiring others to develop their ideas by openly sharing the Hyperloop concept. His aerospace enterprise now employs thousands, has secured exclusive agreements with NASA, made strides towards Mars colonization, and accomplished unprecedented launches and landings.


Beyond the widely acknowledged achievements at SpaceX, there remains much about the serial entrepreneur that continues to intrigue the public. Despite overseeing successful ventures, such as ferrying cargo to the International Space Station and groundbreaking launches, Musk’s undertakings persist in capturing public curiosity.

His Passion for Rocket Science

In conjunction with managing multiple prosperous enterprises, Elon Musk possesses a self-educated comprehension of rocket science. As per a former employee at SpaceX, Musk devised numerous pioneering concepts for the company by independently delving into the subject through perusing textbooks.

SpaceX Nearly Impacted Tesla

In 2008, Elon Musk encountered financial obstacles, and Tesla faced the risk of collapsing, partially due to the substantial resources allocated to SpaceX. With SpaceX undergoing financial challenges and no tangible product from Tesla yet, Musk confronted a daunting predicament, unable to salvage Tesla solo. Nonetheless, he managed to muster sufficient funds from acquaintances in the final hour, preserving Tesla’s operations. Going Public In 2012, rumors circulated that SpaceX contemplated an IPO, but Elon dismissed them. He publicly stated that the Aerospace company would defer any potential IPO until after their space transporter commenced routine flights. The Colonial transporter is the spacecraft designed for transporting large groups to Mars. Elon expressed a desire to eschew short-term gains thatmight hinder his long-range objectives.

Efforts to Land on Mars Although Elon Musk boasts an impressive track record of accomplishments, SpaceX is predominantly known for Musk’s audacious plan to settle Mars and establish the premier human colony on the red planet. His visions of spending his final days on Mars have been openly shared. Nonetheless, the voyage to Mars, not to mention colonizing it, remains far off in the future.

Spaceliner System Elon Musk has presented an exceedingly ambitious blueprint to design a transport system that could eventually render lengthy trips to Mars viable, economical, and swift. He has meticulously outlined the construction of an interplanetary transport network that holds the promise of transforming expeditions to Mars into a reality at some point. This blueprint includes projections regarding the duration and cost of the expedition. Colonization of the Crimson Planet Musk unwrapped his aspirations via SpaceX’s scheme to establish a “multi-planetary civilization” by populating Mars. The intricate setup entails massive spacecraft and rocket launchers with a capacity to ferry up to 200 individuals to Mars. The entire venture is anticipated to last approximately 80 days, with a single refueling stop. If All Progresses Well Musk asserts that the project could lower the price of journeys to Mars, contending that a ticket to the red planet may cost roughly $200,000. He also indicated that if everything proceeds smoothly, the project could be finalized within an estimated 10 years at a cost of about $10 billion. He acknowledged the potential risks involved and forecasted that mishaps are foreseeable, yet he remained convinced that humanity will eventually land on Mars, possibly sooner than initially thought.

Name Selection of SpaceX Projects SpaceX selected monikers inspired by science fiction for its endeavors. The Dragon spacecraft was christened after the song “Puff, the Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul & Mary. The Falcon rockets were named in tribute to Star Wars. These titles were crafted to challenge Musk’s skeptics who considered his plans to be implausible.

Constructing a Theme Park for SpaceX It comes as no surprise that technology firms in Silicon Valley offer distinctive job perks in order to maintain workforce contentment. Elon Musk expressed an interest in constructing a theme park within his factories for his employees, as detailed in his memoir.

Global Satellite Internet Network Another grand scheme involves dispatching thousands of micro-satellites into Earth’s orbit to establish a global satellite internet network, ensuring top-notch WiFi access worldwide. The initiative garnered over $1 billion in funding from partners such as Google and filed for a testing license to commence preparations.

NASA Ever since discontinuing its Shuttle program in 2011, NASA has relied on Russian flights to transport its astronauts to the International Space Station. In a bid to end this reliance, NASA forged an agreement with SpaceX to develop novel spaceflight capabilities for the USA to relaunch its astronauts. Elon Musk harbors a penchant for assuming challenging undertakings, yet surprisingly, he has admitted to not enjoying being at the helm of Tesla. It is hardly surprising to learn that he favors dedicating his time to design and engineering. Notwithstanding this, he established The Boring Company to tackle traffic woes and broaden transport options. He mentioned that this project occupies only 3% of his time, indicating it is more of a personal fascination for him. The company is presently gearing up to provide complimentary test rides to the public, centering on transporting pedestrians through subterranean tunnels using electric pods.

The Boring Company’s vision is elucidated in a promotional video envisioning a future where travel is unhindered by bureaucratic constraints and ecological worries, featuring a Tesla in the video. The endeavor is also making strides in Las Vegas, where Musk is developing a tunnel system to enhance transportation for tourists and locals. This system would operate with electric vehicles, including Tesla models, and be completely autonomous.

Musk’s recent tweet, prophesying a substantial surge in electric vehicle production in the approaching years, has ignited conversations about Tesla’s potential impact on the market. While some may interpret his statement as solely pertaining to Tesla, Musk clarified that he was referring to the entire electric car market, not just his own company.

Elon Musk indicated that if all proceeds as planned, his company may be accountable for manufacturing approximately 20 million vehicles by 2030. “That will be the total market, not just Tesla. We do manage to see Tesla making 20 million vehicles per year probably before 2030,” he tweeted.

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