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Doggos with Great Sense Of Humor & Gigantic Appearance

Image Source: 4 PM production / Shutterstock

Border Collies stand out in the realm of doggos. They actively compete and triumph in animal sports competitions, impressing with their aptitude for comprehending complex directives. These pooches can swiftly grasp various verbal, auditory, and visual instructions. Additionally, they boast superior agility, speed, and acrobatic skills, making them highly valued for their exceptional herding prowess. Initially descending from other collie variants in the British Isles.

This specific breed requires a substantial amount of physical exertion and intellectual stimulation owing to their elevated physical prowess and intellect, rendering them a favored choice among farmers seeking trustworthy shepherds. Their high-maintenance nature implies they are better suited for farm environments rather than standard households, as they might resort to disruptive behaviors if not adequately attended to.

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie possesses intelligence akin to Sheepdogs and other larger herding breeds. Celebrated for their vibrant and charismatic nature, they found popularity through their appearance in the 1960s TV series “My Three Sons”. These canines can present training challenges due to their independent thinking. Renowned for their faithfulness, charm, and their TV appearances during the ’60s and ’70s. Originating from Scotland, they are famed for their herding skills and weigh an average of 50 pounds.

Bearded Collies derive their name from their long, sleek fur coat, necessitating specific grooming care. They are self-reliant and excel in competitive activities, showcasing exceptional nimbleness and obedience. Revered for their allegiance and family-oriented temperament, they predominantly serve herding purposes and thrive in farm settings, particularly in Scotland’s chilly climate.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds, nicknamed “Aussies,” were bred in the 19th century on American ranches for herding sheep and partaking in canine sports and exhibitions. Renowned for their astuteness and rapid reflexes, they excel in roles as search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, and contribute to disaster relief efforts. They are noted for their loyalty and protective instincts, often alerting with barks rather than aggressive actions despite their imposing appearance.

These canines with high intellect delight in games and swiftly pick up new tricks. While independent and low-maintenance, they necessitate a minimum of 45 minutes of daily activity and relish spending leisure time with humans in open spaces. Owing to their spirited and unpredictable conduct, they are better suited for ranches and expansive areas rather than compact living spaces, potentially unsuitable for households with young children.


Rottweilers are esteemed among the top ten most brilliant working dogs. Despite their imposing stature and appearance, they are recognized for their affectionate, gentle, and protective nature. They display tranquility, devotion, and loyalty while also possessing territorial instincts, making them exceptional guard dogs. Nonetheless, they demand copious affection and respect in addition to their protective instincts.

Serving commonly as service dogs, Rottweilers have effectively aided blind and disabled individuals for extended durations. Though not overly demanding, they necessitate at least an hour of daily exercise and ample space for unrestrained movement.


Collies enjoy wide admiration and fame as one of the most beloved and renowned dog breeds worldwide, often gracing TV screens and movie theaters. The collie’s reputation skyrocketed with the iconic portrayal of Lassie in various films, books, and TV series since 1938. These easily trainable, gentle, loyal, and intelligent companions have garnered immense favor and extensive adulation.

Collies typically weigh around 60 pounds with a moderately athletic physique. They are deemed excellent family pets and mesh well with children, despite being more inclined towards watchdog duties. Collies necessitate modest maintenance and can suffice with relatively moderate levels of physical activity, although they exhibit high energy levels and agile limbs.

English Setters enjoy a higher level of popularity compared to Irish Setters; both breeds are sizeable, with the English setter being marginally smaller. Known for their intelligence, ease of training, playfulness, and loyalty, English Setters are vocal and tend to bark frequently. Manifesting as strong-willed and mischievous, they are ideal for hunting tasks.

Jack Russell Terriers gained widespread popularity in the United States following the portrayal of Milo in Jim Carrey’s 1994 superhero comedy film “The Mask”. Additionally, they star as detectives in the “Jack Russell: Dog Detective” children’s book series. Originally bred for English fox hunting, these petite terriers necessitate ample exercise and mental engagement.

Australian Cattle Dogs, acknowledged as Red Heelers and Blue Heelers, represent a distinctive herding breed crafted in 19th-century Australia by a farmer from New South Wales. They boast a robust and durable physique, demonstrating resilience despite their compact form. Displaying elevated energy levels common among working breeds, they are notably independent. Categorized among the most adept dogs in terms of obedience and trainability levels.

The German Weimaraner stands out as a distinctive and easily recognizable canine breed, tracing its origins back to the 19th century when it predominantly served hunting purposes. Asserting a high level of athleticism and adept swimming abilities, they boast distinct light eyes, minimal fur presence, high energy levels, and a strong hunting drive. These companions seek proximity to their owners at all times and exhibit a notable lack of independence.Saint Bernards captivate with their gentle giant demeanor and mature disposition. Originating from the border region of Italy and Switzerland, they were selectively bred for their exceptional mountain and rescue capabilities With weights ranging between 140 to 260 pounds, they adapt seamlessly to various environments. Despite making appearances in the entertainment industry, these dogs are primarily bred for rescue operations.

Alaskan Huskies exhibit a wolf-like appearance with their light blue eyes, black or light brown coats, and white facial and leg markings. Flourishing in cold climates, they display a pack mentality and exceptional communication skills. Though not purebreds, they integrate features of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes, excelling in sled racing due to exceptional speed and endurance.

Golden Retrievers, cherished as popular family pets, demand notable daily exercise levels and showcase a long golden coat ideal for insulation in colder climates. They are highly responsive to training, adapting to various energy levels while embodying a calm and affectionate demeanor.Canine creatures are robust and spry, most suitable for habitat in open surroundings like a ranch. They exhibit tenderness towards children and are excellent companions for households, albeit forming strong bonds with a singular main caretaker.

Poodles, originally cultivated in Europe, were linked to nobility and have gained fame within the sphere of Hollywood luminaries. Despite common impressions, Poodles possess sharp intellect and are easily trainable. The Poodle ranks as the second most astute dog breed globally, just after the Border Collie. They showcase prowess in hunting, with swift reflexes and exceptional sprinting capabilities. Poodles are renowned for their agile swimming prowess and often undergo crossbreeding with other canine varieties, leading to breeds such as the Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and Schnoodle.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, sometimes dubbed a “dwarf pup,” garners favor among the privileged class and was even esteemed by Queen Elizabeth, who reportedly kept over thirty of them. As the 11th most intelligent dog breed, they are recognized for their endearing, affectionate, and vigilant herding qualities. Typically weighing not more than 30 pounds, they can live up to 15 years.

English Springer Spaniels are warm-hearted and zealous pups originating in England during the mid-19th century. They are distinguished by their acute sense of scent, luscious coat, sociable character, and fondness for water, making them ideal companions for outdoor activities and family life.

Papillons, also known as Continental Toy Spaniels, are diminutive canines sporting oversized bat-like ears, famed for their distinctive visage and lengthy lifespan. They exhibit cleverness, loyalty, high energy levels, and require considerable physical activity. Besides, they make adept sentinels, demonstrating keen vigilance and often emitting alerts at the slightest stimuli.

Brittanys are athletic bird-dogs designed in Brittany, France, celebrated for their acumen, vigilance, and ease of training. They prove to be outstanding comrades and family pets yet necessitate rigorous daily exercises due to their innate hunting instincts.

All these canines display distinctive characteristics and temperaments, rendering them exceptional in their own right. Each breed holds a unique array of traits that cater to diverse lifestyles and inclinations.

Weighing between 66 to 100 pounds, these dogs have a fur suitable for cold water and icy conditions, making them reliable hunting partners and beloved family members.

They exhibit great intelligence, ranking just behind the Dobermann in Dr. Stanley Coren’s canine intelligence scale, making them fast learners and loyal pets.

Their cleverness and compliant demeanor equip them well for various tasks and responsibilities, including as beloved companions, therapy animals, and collaborators with law enforcement and military units.

The Old English Sheepdog is recognized as a herding breed. It has a tendency to guide sheep by moving close to them. By lifting the fur above their nose, their caring eyes, displaying loyalty and affection towards their owner, are exposed. This breed is an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable herding dog that can bring joy to family life.

Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a unique breed originating from Japan. It shares similarities with German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies, but possesses a distinct temperament. This breed is dominant and unreserved in expressing its emotions and wishes. Akitas are territorial, large, and robust. They are considered challenging to train and not recommended for novice dog owners.

They rose in popularity in the United States following a gift to Helen Keller during her visit to Japan in 1937. Akitas are owned by notable individuals such as Putin, Evander Holyfield, Cher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Henry Cavill.

A Great Pyrenees Was Elected Mayor

Duke the Fluffy, a Great Pyrenees, won multiple terms as mayor in Cormorant, Minnesota. The citizens were dissatisfied with human politicians failing to deliver on promises and opted to elect a dog.

Duke has been serving as mayor for numerous years. Other U.S. cities, like Sunol, California, Eastsound, Washington, and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, have also had dogs elected as mayors.

A Chicken Farmer and His Guard Dog Save Hundreds of Penguins

Penguins, particularly the tiny ones standing at about a foot tall, are among the most adorable creatures. Sadly, a group of foxes posed a threat to a small colony of nearly 1,000 penguins in Middle Island, Australia.

Upon hearing of this danger, Australian chicken farmer Swampy Marsh and his guard dog rushed to safeguard the penguins. Thanks to their vigilance, not a single penguin was harmed, and their population has recovered to around 200.

Image Source: 4 PM production / Shutterstock

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